It seems somewhat strange to consider someone you’ve never met to be your friend, yet that’s exactly what I consider Carroll Lefon, AKA NeptunusLex to be. My friend.

When you’ve spent eight years reading another person’s diary, or at least the bits he chooses to share, you feel you know the man. It seems strange that I know more about him, his family and his interests than I do about any of my neighbors, but in Lex’s case, there was such a great deal to know. He set the bar very high for himself, and makes an exemplary figure to emulate. And again, that feels strange: emulate someone you’ve never met? But we do that all the time, don’t we? Celebrities, athletes, perhaps even politicians are seen as role models. Well, Lex is one of mine. He is simultaneously one of the reasons I started this blog and one of the reasons I stopped – I can’t come close to his way with words. I felt honored when he linked to my previous blog on his page, even though it was only in reciprocation.

I won’t try to describe Lex here, go read his blog. Anyone can know him as I do, and be better for it. But I lost a friend this week, and it feels strange.

Ave atque vale, frater.